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   Since 2008

The Laboratory of Construction and Technology aims to: contribute to the efficient use of the traditional materials and to their judicious combination; explore innovative technological, constructional and structural solutions; establish effective collaborations with the construction industry.  

It addresses a broad spectrum of topics, including, among others: structural glass; facades; structural systems; components and materials. It follows rigorous procedures, inspired in the latest technologies and key concepts in the area of experimental testing.

  The Laboratory of Construction and Technology intregrates the laboratorial facilities of Lab2PT - Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory, a recently created R&D unit of the University of Minho. 

The International Association of Structures and Architecture aims to explore and to promote the merging of the fields of Structures and Architecture, encompassing all the aspects related with the recent  advances in the art, practice and theory of teaching, researching, designing and building structures.

The vision of the Association is to be worldwide recognized as an outstanding and highly effective organization with a noteworthy contribution in the fields of Structures and Architecture.

Prof. Paulo J.S. Cruz is the President of the Association. 


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